One more thing though..

So I'm gonna go on vacation for a while. 

Big whop, right? But It's kind of a big deal for me, in many ways. But the thing is, this vacation will be a bit different. I won't be posting pics from it, like so many others tend to do. Nope, this will be a secret vacation, that will be filmed and edited as kind of an independent movie, with as much raw, uncut and straight forward footage in it as possible. 


Well, the trip I'm going on is partly gonna be a roadtrip. I won't say where, because that will spoil the surprise. But if I choose to share it with you, you will definitely understand why. It will contain music, and hopefully some new stuff, (all original), and it might even be the start of something completely new. But I'm not taking anything for granted, so the less I talk about it, the better. Don't want everyone to get their hopes up just because I might have hinted something in a blog post.

Otherwise things are moving forward. Motherpearl is currently writing a lot of new material for the upcoming album, set to be recorded in January. We're really stretching our abilities this time, mainly to see if we can dig deeper into what only can be described as the Motherpearl sound. As we've looked into some studios to record in, this record will most certainly have a more distinct yet airy sound. I can't get into the details right now, but it will be a big step up from the last album!

In other events, I'm currently working on two side projects of a different approach than you might imagine. One is with the very talented and great Magnus Lervik (Jamie Meyer band), lifting some songs with a little more progressive approach. The goal is to have an EP done by the end of the year. 

The other project involves my good friends DJ Rikard Hertzberg and Claes Funke, and that one will be something really special, so I'm just gonna mention it now, and give you all the details when we're ready to go public with the whole thing...

The rest of the week is filled with work, as well as some fun, but as soon as things slow down I'll pack my bags and disappear for a while. 

Take care my friends. Good times are comin'..