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Jackson Square Shuffle. (Eng)

"There's a back story to this post, and it includes one of Sweden's more popular solo artists. His name is Håkan Hellström, (pronounced Hawkan Hellstroem), and he might not be the best singer int the world but his lyrics are simple and straight-forward, in a David Bowie kind of way. He's from my home town of Gothenburg and he just managed to sell out the biggest stadium twice, playing for an audience of about 140.000 people in two days. It's really a thing to become somewhat of a prophet in your home town, but he's done it in some way."

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Jackson Square shuffle. (SE)

"Ännu en natt fylld av Håkan. Sådär perfekt på ett sätt som man själv alltid skulle önskat om man fyllde sin hemmaarena två gånger om, sätter rekord och skapar allmän hysteri som skapar soniska svallvågor över hela landet. Min Instagram är nu ett stadigt flöde av bilder och videos på ett massivt folkhav och något slags rekord i Håkan-karaoke när telefonerna hellre tar upp folks allsång runt omkring än själva konsertljudet."

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One more thing though..

"So I'm gonna go on vacation for a while. 

Big whop, right? But It's kind of a big deal for me, in many ways. But the thing is, this vacation will be a bit different. I won't be posting pics from it, like so many others tend to do. Nope, this will be a secret vacation, that will be filmed and edited as kind of an independent movie, with as much raw, uncut and straight forward footage in it as possible. "

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