And along came summer.

"I've endured the withdrawal of checking my phone every 30 seconds or so, lost the interest in finding out what new filters that Snapchat has to offer, and I don't even miss the group chats about who's going out where tonight. I'm in a place where I actually have some time left to do something for myself for once."

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Digital Vacation

My friends, I'm leaving you for a little while.

Don't worry, I'll be back, but for now I need to do some serious rebooting, recharging and reinventing of me, myself and I. There are some things I need to take care of during the upcoming weeks, and I really don't have any other options but to remove myself digitally for a while to focus on the important things. 

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'Tis the season..

"Some might say that the fact that I'm single has anything to do with it. Or the fact that I don't have kids. Well, I've encountered the lack of holiday spirit even before I turned single, and I don't really need my own kids when I have the most adorable, crazy, funny whirlwinds called nieces and nephews, who makes sure that the christmas spirit is fully represented this time of year."

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The eternal sunshine of the creative mind.

"...a year ago I decided to turn my small business into a corporation, and become a CEO for real. The biggest problem with that was, of course, that when you've spent about ten years as the only employee, you get accustomed to being your own marketing department, your IT-department, accounting, PR, human resources person and, in my case: the product itself. "

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New energy

"I've grown accustomed to writing a small blog entry every time I end up reinventing this site. This is no exception. As usual there's tons of stuff to do, and a heap of gigs around the corner. Thankfully i've got my ticket booked for NOLA this new years eve. It's gonna be a blast, and there's actually a whole new section on the site dedicated to all the crazy things happening over there. Both musically and socially.  ;) "

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Born a loser

"Despite what your parents might have told you over the years, there is one fact that you cannot escape: You are born to lose.

Everyone in this world is a loser in some way. 

The thing about loss that really hits you, is that you're reminded of what you actually have. I, for instance, have lost a number of things over the past year. A partner, a dear friend, trust, self esteem, belief and some weight in the process."

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