Flying solo

- A single concept -


With over a decade as a professional entertainer and musician, this lad does more for customers, crowd and venues than you could expect from most solo entertainers. Not just musically but also when it comes to the many aspects of planning and preparing for any type of event. During a career that began in 2003 and until today, Martis has accumulated a solid knowledge in fields like: event planning,  technical specifications, audio engineering, musical performance and stage lighting.


Offering anything from an acoustic evening to an explosive cover show including DJ-sets, Martin is fully capable of handling  anything from the smallest gathering to large corporate events. 

The music has brought Martin pretty much everywhere in both Europe as well as the US. And being a fan of languages, this usually posts no problems during international events. Norwegian and Danish crowds have had their share of Martins somewhat odd interests in languages, as he's pretty much fluent in both. 


Moonlighting as a DJ from time to time, Martin also covers the need for club and dance music if the event requires it. But if you need to step it up a notch and want some of the best in the business, that won't be a problem either.

Working with established DJ's like Rickard Hertzberg, Tina Berg, Laila Feltby and a lot of Sweden's most popular DJ's, your event will never have an empty dancefloor, unless you go for that boring "smartphone-into-small-speaker-option". And quite frankly: Nobody wants that.

Go ahead and book now! You won't find a more versatile entertainer around for miles...