A short video from the gig at Crusaders / Bullarrutten 2014, together with Peter Rigland and Andersson & Högdahl.

Cover version of "No. 90 Klist". Music and lyrics by Stefan Andersson

Awesome after ski session @ Knettsetra, Trysil (NO). (Sorry about the poor audio quality. It appears that GoPro mic's aren't really made for these types of events.)

Here is a video from the most recent Motherpearl-gig, showing Birger playing the solo from Simon Says recorded live @Brewhouse in Gothenburg. The gig was recorded using 4 GoPro cameras mounted to each instrument. It looks cool but don't break your neck trying to watch it!

Here's the 2012 promo-video, featuring an acoustic take on Jason Mraz's "I'm yours". This was before the era of GoPro-cameras, so it's mainly stills and some good music.