And along came summer.

I'm on the balcony.. 

..about 10 ft above the street, watching the afternoon traffic rush by. I'm having one of those zen-moments yet again. That's the outcome of the past month's venture into a digital vacation. No social media, just the email and phone. (It's kind of hard to run a business without e-mails and phone calls, so I had to compromise a bit.) 

I've endured the withdrawal of checking my phone every 30 seconds or so, lost the interest in finding out what new filters that Snapchat has to offer, and I don't even miss the group chats about who's going out, and with whom. I'm in a place where I actually have some time left to do something for myself for once. Not much, but it's a start anyway. I started running again, and found out that I actually have some energy left in my body. I actually surprised myself by running 10 Km in just over 55 minutes, and through Runkeeper I discovered that the last time I ran that distance was about a year ago. That's saying something.. 

So in short, I'm feeling good. 

And today I feel even better because I can confirm some new and exciting gigs :

Photo by @photographertheresehagstedt

Göteborgsvarvet 2016:

I'll be on stage as my alter ego Charlie Marshall together with my good friends DJ Rikard Hertzberg, Pontus Pohl, Larro Rosengren and Per Wockatz, as we'll entertain both the runners and the audience at Götaplatsen during the second biggest half-marathons in the world. We'll be joined by some great artists during the day, so it's gonna be another awesome gig behind the mic.

Summerburst weekend:

Charlie Marshall will also be on stage at Gothia Towers and at Valand nightclub during the summerburst weekend with DJ Hertzberg, also featuring Envy Monroe and Alice B from LMG/Outfly. Additional musicians and guests is to be announced soon.

Stena Match Cup Marstrand:

The last night of the regatta at Marstrand will also feature DJ Hertzberg and Charlie Marshall along with some international stars lined up to make the end of a great week something very special.

photo by

Partille Cup and Gothia Cup Opening ceremonies:

Another chance to perform in front of the majestic crowd at Ullevi Stadion and Scandinavium this year. I can't tell you how psyched I am to be doing these shows, and especially working with my favorite crew consisting of producer Jonathan "Kip" Kipowsky, The extremely talented Sara Nord, my ever touring darling Anna Brygård, the musical and physical giant Kristoffer Göbel, the sweet and funny Helena Hvistendahl Philipson, my hindi homeboy Dani Lundqvist and the rest of the amazing crew, singers and dancers. 

And not to mention some sunny moments on stage at Tanumstrands famous after beach stage. They've got a whole new restaurant and a new spa as well, so it's a great chance for everyone get even more out of the summer! 

I'm also in the process of recording some new songs for the website, just update the archives a bit, but also to try out my new Apollo sound card for real.

There might be some more surprises along the road, but as always: I'll keep you posted. 

I am back on the social media scene after all. Just use the hashtag MBMTOUR on twitter, snap or Instagram, and you'll be with me every step of the way! 


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