Cloud nine

Yeah, that's me up there...

On a big ass stage.

At the biggest arena in my home town.

In front of more than 50.000 people.

I would like to describe the feeling for you, but I can't. It is pretty much impossible. The closest I get to describe it would be if you took some fire ants, got them jacked up on LSD, glazed them with hot sauce, mixed them up up with pure adrenaline and injected it into your bloodstream every five seconds. 

And that's not even close to the actual feeling. 

But it made me come full circle in a way. I was on that same stage two years ago, and that night my life took a major turn. And ever since I've had the feeling that I needed to do it all over to disassociate myself from the turmoil that followed. Kind of like an "Erase and rewind"-thing, but in the strict sense of being able to enjoy a highlight in my career the way I had imagined it. 

And this time I did just that. I'll give you an example. Two years ago, we did this song by American Authors. The very morning of the show I got in my car and drove to the arena, and for some magic reason, (call it fate if you will), the song came on the radio at the same time as I could catch the first glimpse of Ullevi in the distance. That was just the best way to start an epic day. Now of course I didn't count on the same luck this year, but I did the same thing when I left my home. I got in the car and as soon as I got close enough, I turned the same song on, and blasted it as loud as I could.

What song? Oh, this one....


After that everything was just a rollercoaster. Lucky for me I had my dear friend and photographer Therese Hagstedt who documented the whole day. Like a ninja she stuck around and captured the whole thing in a beautiful way. (I'll post some of the pictures here, and the rest will be uploaded to the gallery.)

That being said, I do have to give credit to the crew and producers who put the whole thing together. I gave a shoutout to everyone on Instagram, but it's worth mentioning again. These guys know what they're doing and it's such a joy to work with full-on professionals.

So after having recovered for a few days, I'm in Strömstad, doing a gig at Pråmen. The crowd might be about 500 tonight, and that's just awesome. Because even if I've played for more than 100.000 people these past three months, I wouldn't be anything without you, the crowd.   

So I'll give my all for one more night, and hopefully get to revisit some more arenas in a little while. I'm getting used to it now.. ;)

Thank you.