Pressure and time a song by Rival Sons, and a damn good one, so you should go ahead and listen to it while you read this.

I kick myself for being so bad at writing posts on here. I know for a fact that a lot of the people that find their way in to the site is actually reading these, and not surprisingly some of you have actually talked about it with me on some occasions at gigs. I's a really cool feeling, and it makes me happy that you take my words as something more that rants and ramblings of a man trying his best to survive in a crazy industry. 

Like the post I did about the views on alcohol on and off stage a while back. It's still as relevant a subject now as it was back then, and I still think that it should be discussed more than it is. I try to do this every now and then with friends and collegues in the business, but the world seems to be suck in a bad Ferris wheel right now, so the minor issues seem to have been lost in the general nausea of what happens in world politics.

I try to stay out of politics when it comes to music, but let's just say that if I ever have the chance to make an album like Green Day's "21st century breakdown" but on steroids, I'd do it and have the cover be featuring a blond man-wig hanging on a hook outside of a spray tan booth. I think the message is pretty clear. And as I'm now a part time New Orleans resident, I see my chances of getting into the country without any hassle grow smaller and smaller with each week. 

The new album is shrouded in mystery, and for good reasons. We've got some killer news, and I really don't wanna get ahead of the press release, so I'm saking you guys to have some patience for just a little longer. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Otherwise the big news is the summer tour together with M32 Series Scandinavia, Gothia Cup and Partille Cup (twice!), and some amazing summer venues along the way. All the dates and info will be found in the tour schedule posted on both Facebook and in the tour section of this website. Hope you like the new look. I know I do!

Stay safe!