Summing up the summer.

Yeah, this one will be in english. Mainly to get through to everyone involved in this amazing summer, and trust me; It's quite a lot of people.

First gig at Ullevi Stadium ever. @Göteborgsgirot 2014

I've had the honor of fulfilling a life long dream this year. Not just once, but twice actually. I've driven past Ullevi Stadium so many times in my life, and ever since I got into music I've dreamed about performing at that stadium. Thinking of all the great concerts and happenings I've experienced there, I've felt the urge to reach that goal grow stronger in me during the years.

And not only did I get a chance to do a solo number during a wedding at Göteborgsgirot, (a bicycle race in Gothenburg), but only two months later got to perform multiple solo numbers at both Gamla and Nya Ullevi Stadium. I wish I can convey the feeling you get when you perform in front of almost 60.000 people, but I'm always left dumbstruck by the mere thought. It's an absolute all time high and something I intend to do more from now on. :)

I achieved something this year, and sort of came into my own in the process. It feels right to move on to bigger things, and work even harder now. Lord knows I've earned my spot among so many talented musicians and singers, but that's not to say that I have a bunch of people to thank, so here goes:

Rikard Hertzberg:

The one I'm lucky enough to call my friend and who made both the first Ullevi gig as well as Götaplatsen happen. I can't thank you enough for the chances to prove myself, and I just hope that I live up to the expectations. You are one of a kind and a true friend in every sense of the word. 

Götaplatsen during Göteborgsvarvet 2014! Did 2 songs and then ran the race myself in just over 2 hours. Image by Patrick Rosefors


For so much support and help with everything from critical thinking to connections here and there. If I ever had father figure these past years, It's been you. 

Everyone at Tanumstrand:

From the amazing people behind the reception desk, to the people making sure that the pool is warm enough, and everyone in between. I'm just happy that I don't come off as someone who stopped evolving. You really keep me on my toes and make me feel welcome every time I show up! Lots of love to you all!

Photo by the amazing Robert Dahlberg @

Johan, Jonas, Mattias, Roger, Lars and Henrik in Haaks,

for a great couple of summer weeks! Sharing the stage with you is always so much fun, and I'm looking forward until the next time!

Kris, David, Anders, Henrik, Manruk and The Laine @ Rock Cirkus

for the opportunity to wrap myself in a german flag and get to see the surprised looks on your faces as we introduced "Chief Wigwam" to the audience. Always a pleasure, and always hard to go separate ways. Oh, by the way: I still have your flag..

Introducing Chief Wigwam, a new guest caracter to the Rock Circus audience

Daniel, Birger and Gustaf:

for a great album, a great release and an amazing gig at Scandinavium! This fall will be epic, as we dig ourselves deep into the creative pit, only to emerge with a new Motherpearl album next spring. I'm honored to have you guys as my bandmates.

Outside Scandinavium, hours before the show at Gothia Cup Music Festival. Image by Fia Jacobsson

The awesome people.. 

involved in the opening shows for Partille Cup and Gothia Cup, including all the talented singers and friends in The Kincade song team, Kip, Sara Nord, Kristoffer Göbel, Henke Marzelius, Alexander, Sofia Fris "Awesum", and Erik Grönvall, to name a few! You made me feel every bit a part of something truly special, and I hope we can do it again in the future!

Finishing the solo number for the Norwegian team at Gothia Cup, Ullevi Stadium. Photo by Therese Hagstedt

My good friends.. 

at Palace, Stenungsbaden, Gullholmen, Gunnars Båtturer, Crusaders, Hojride, and all the other clients and customers during the summer! Always a pleasure when I get a call from you!

To everyone who came to the shows.. 

..who hung around as the sun went down, wrapped themselves in blankets, who got on the dance floor, stayed up late, and ultimately watched the sun rise again: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. These summer nights will stay with me always.

Photo courtesy of Emil Fransson

Special thanks to everyone involved in catching me as I did my stage dives. Whoever said that you never should trust a stranger, needs a reality check..

Last, but always closest to my heart..

is my family and my friends. Your support means everything and I try to give something back in honor of all the times I have to go away and miss a birthday, a party or just hang out. Lord knows I'm not perfect, but I hope you realize that if I ever make it big, I'm gonna buy you all a house each. Even if it's a small assembly cottage from Bauhaus..

With that said, I realize that I need a vacation. So I'm taking one soon. I'll keep you updated on Instagram and social media. But for now I'm signing off for a while. I'll write to you when I've regained my strength, energy and refilled my inspirational accounts. They're pretty drained at the moment.

Take care my friends! I love you all.